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My name is
Károly Horváth,
I am a freelance

My projects so far have mostly been the design and building of company websites for small- and midsized businesses. In addition, I am often hired for the graphical design of web user interfaces, applications, banners, logos, and business cards.

About me

I have been working as a web designer and graphic designer since 2008.

I started designing websites as a hobby in 2008, but over the years, it turned into a passion, and I began striving to become a professional. It became my mission to create websites that are optimal in every aspect. I keep myself trained not just in the theory of visual appeal, but also in CMS sitebuild, SEO, and the fields of social media, so that I can create truly up-to-date and useful products. I am flexible in my work and my day-to-day life, making it easier for us to work together.

I believe in websites that offer solutions to the users, and are built to high standards, with a concrete goal and deliberate strategy. I like practical, elegantly simple solutions, and my goal is to view all design specifications through the lens of actual implementation.

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About me


About me

Why you should work with me:


I love my job, which means that I treat all projects with the same care as if they were my own.


I have over 10 years’ professional experience. I was able to learn what clients expect. There is no guesswork, only knowledge.


I know that no two clients are alike. Everybody needs something different, not just in terms of project delivery, but also in terms of customer relations.


I continually train myself, I learn from my clients, from the market, from the competition. I always fully bring this expertise to bear on all projects.

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